I am Frederick

Hey Guys!

My name is Frederick and my friends like to call me Freddy. I’m a steampunky in body and soul!

As a matter of fact, I’ve been in love with this culture for over a decade now. 

Steampunk style and culture has inspired me to share with other people who might be interested in the topic.

My beautiful man and me love to go to conventions to meet like-minded people (our special kind of crazy LOL) who are into steampunk style, futuristic or medieval times.

We love to explore different people who are into different types of cosplay, culture or style around the world.

We live in Atlanta Georgia, but as i said earlier, we travel – a lot!

My  mission is to create a space where people can explore and embrace the spirit of steampunk – the fashion, the culture, the fantastic creativity, and the wildest of imagination.

I also found that there is a nice collection of items to buy on Amazon and ebay – whether you want ready to wear complete fashion outfits, or want to create your own from pieces and parts,

so I’ll show you what I found on some of the pages, and if you’re interested – go get it (and send me a picture – maybe I’ll put it on the site 😉 )


I hope my blogs can inspire you when you explore all there is to know about steampunk!