How To Wear Steampunk Waist/Leg Bag?

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Steampunk is a subculture that explores the concept of blending technology and Victorian era aesthetics. Steampunk fashion styles include flapper dresses, gothic Lolita dress, gaslight outfits, steam punk accessories, Victorian apparel and many more. The distinct mix of Victorian era fashion with modern technological gadgets has made it an in-demand trend among fashion lovers across the world. Steampunks love to wear waist bag for elegance rather than carrying purses all the time. These bags have a pocket at the front which makes it easy to access your wallet without having to open the whole purse from one side. Below given some simple tips on how to wear a Steampunk Waist/Leg Bag:

What Should Go In A Steampunk Waist/Leg Bag?

A good Steampunk waist bag should have a pocket at the front that can easily accessible your wallet. There are some specific requirements of things you should put in the bag like money, phone, credit card, ID cards and other important stuff. The strap of your waist bag should be long enough to comfortably fit around your hips so that it doesn’t get caught on anything when you’re walking.

How To Wear Steampunk Waist/Leg Bag?

1. Take your bag and try to fold it in four places if possible.
2. Pick a bag that has a pocket on the front and take out your wallet.
3. If you have a big purse, wear it around your waist with an elastic band or a belt like strap.
4. Use an earring hook to hang the purse at your front pocket side so that when you sit down the purse doesn’t touch on the seat of your pants or drag across the floor.
5. You can also use a long chain for this purpose instead of wearing it as shown above and keep your watch in the other hand as well so that you don’t lose them when you’re entering into a building or sitting down for dinner at a restaurant with tables/tables with cloths on them

Bottom of the bag

The bottom of the bag should be open to show a beautiful pattern. The fabric should be stitched in a way that it is not visible from the front and hence the opening is facing down and can only be seen from the back.

Top of the bag

If you love the look of a collar, go for a high-collared waist bag. However, for those who love the easy access of wearing a crossbody bag, purchase one with a long strap. It’s also worth considering how practical you need your purse to be during the day. Some people prefer to carry a smaller purse that is easily accessible and has plenty of space for cards and cash. Others would rather carry something larger that can hold all their essentials without being too cumbersome.

Accessories for waist bags

You can wear a waist bag with a long skirt or trousers by using the strap that is attached to the bag and you can use it as a belt. If your dress or skirt doesn’t have straps, you can use garter straps.


Steampunk is one of the most unique and attractive styles that is attracting a lot of attention these days.
So what is the best way to wear a steampunk waist/leg bag?
Well, you can carry a small purse, crossbody bag or carrying case. The best way to wear it is in a slightly different way than with a regular purse.
The top of the bag should be worn like a backpack and the bottom like a belt or skirt. You can also carry it in your hand as a clutch.

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