How To Steampunk A Backpack?

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As you probably know, the word steampunk refers to a genre of science fiction that incorporates steam-based technology in an original manner. This can include anything from alternate history works featuring Victorian-era inventors such as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, to more fantasy-oriented tales set in the era of stagecoaches and lacy corsets. The key is that steampunk characters dress like they belong in an alternative history worldand they often do, given the availability of clothing styles from the 19th century. In this article, we’ll explore how you can incorporate steampunk style into your next backpack . After reading through this, you’ll have a better idea on how to create one for yourself!

Visit the Steampunk Mall

The first step to designing a steampunk backpack is by visiting the Steampunk Mall and browsing through their selection of steampunk-style items. While you’re there, check out their articles on how to create an authentic steampunk look and learn about some of the different methods of creating your own unique designs.
Some other things to keep in mind while you visit the mall are:
1) Make sure you’re inspired by a particular aesthetic, such as Victorian or victorian-era attire.
2) Find an item that best suits your body type and style preferences (for example, if you prefer softer textures such as lace and velvet, choose a backpack made from velvet).
3) Take inspiration from older designs that have been updated for modern wearability and functionality.

Know Your Faun, Sylph and Gnome

So, how do you know what type of faun, sylph or gnome you are? Well, the main distinguishing features are their appearances and personalities. Fauns generally have horns, a tail and hooves. Sylphs can be either winged or worm-like with a variety of colors. Gnomes are often green, pointy-eared giants who live underground in dark tunnels and caverns. (Warning: don’t confuse them with the creatures from The Lord of the Rings!)

Add Brass Hardware To Your Bag

You probably have a few brass pieces sitting around that you can use to stylize your bag. Brass is a great choice for creating an aged look that is reminiscent of the Victorian era. Brass also has a particular sheen to it that makes it perfect for making your bag look like it’s been polished many times over. Try adding hardware to your bag, such as buckles and rings, to complete the look.

Attach Dandy Little Knobs

to Your Backpack
When you’re ready to make your own steampunk backpack, the first step is going to be attaching dandy little knobs to it. You can easily do this by using a hot glue gun or even just a sewing needle and thread. You can connect them all over the place, but we think that attaching them at the top of the pack would be especially cute with a bow on top.

Create A Gun Holster

One of the most essential accessories for steampunk fashion is a gun holster. This can be done by using some craft foam, leather, or fabric to create a holster, and putting it in your backpack. If you have trouble finding a suitable pouch for your gun, then you could always sew one yourself. The process is pretty simple; all you need to do is make a rectangle, and place it over the muzzle of your weapon. Sew around the perimeter to close your pouch!

Add A Bit Of Color With Patchwork

One way to add some color and make your backpack stand out is to use patchwork. You can find patches of various fabrics at thrift stores, or you could find them online. Find a few fabrics that go with each other, like different shades of browns, or two complementary prints that look good together. Then, sew the fabrics together in a patterned manner. This will help give your backpack its own unique identity.
Another great way to make your backpack stand out is by using metal charms as accents on it. You can also use this method for embellishing other accessories such as belts, purses, hats and more!


Steampunk is all the rage these days.
If you’re not sure how to get started, we’ve got you covered.
In this blog post, we’ll show you how to dress up a backpack with a bit of steampunk flare.

Beautiful Steampunk Art

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Steampunk Frederick
Steampunk Frederick


I am Frederick, but you may call me Freddy – that’s what my friends call me.

I love steampunk as a style and for my cloths and accessories, so I thought why not share my passion with you guys,

because I know there are a lot of us Steampunk lovers out there.

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