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How to Get Into Steampunk Post

Steampunk is a fashion subculture that combines old-fashioned Victorian aesthetics with mechanics and other technology. It’s similar to goth and cyberpunk fashions, but rather than being dark and moody, steampunk is bright and colorful. The style blends 19th century clothing—such as corsets, goggles, lace, frills, bustles and other boned undergarments—with modern machine parts such as watches, jewelry, clocks and other timepieces.
In addition to clothes, you can also incorporate classic steampunk items into your outfits for a more authentic look. Here we’ll explore the ins-and-outs of assembling an authentic steampunk outfit so that you can look like one too!

What you’ll need to put together a steampunk outfit

To put together a steampunk outfit, you’ll need to have a few key items. You’ll need a dress or coat to wear over anything else, and for the most part, you can mix and match items from different stores so long as they are in the same color palette. Here are some items that will help you get started:

-a black corset
-black gloves
-a long black skirt
-black boots
-a watch and necklace
-an old style hat

How to put together a steampunk outfit

To create a steampunk look, you’ll start with an outfit. Your outfit should be colorful and bright, and it should blend with the rest of your accessories. Next, think about the items that will complete your outfit. Here are some of the most common pieces:

Hat: A hat is a must-have piece in any steampunk outfit! You can find many different styles to choose from, such as a Tricorn or top hat.
Necklace: Steampunk jewelry is all about having something out-of-the-ordinary on hand. One item that will definitely work for your look is a chain necklace with gears pendant.
Shirt or dress: If you know that you’re going to be attending a fancy event where you want to stand out, consider wearing a shirt or dress instead of pants for maximum impact!
Boots: When wearing boots in this style, make sure they match seamlessly with your outfit. For example, if you have lace on one side of your body and none on the other side, then those boots would not match at all!
Gloves: Gloves are also essential to this style because they add texture and color to otherwise plain outfits. Find gloves that either go with the theme of your ensemble or incorporate other types of materials like metal or leather.

Steampunk men’s clothing

If you’re planning on wearing a man’s outfit, it can be a little tough to find the perfect outfit. Steampunk men typically wear similar outfits, but they do have their own style. Wear the following:
A white shirt with a black vest
Black pants with suspenders
A top hat
Black gloves
Boots that are covered with brass or leather-like accents and have buckles in the front
An eye-patch

Steampunk women’s clothing

First, get a corset. Corsets come in various lengths and widths. There are also corset tops with smaller laces, which can be better for petite girls. Next, find some goggles with lenses that give you a vibrant look and some wonderful steampunk style!
Next, find some boots or shoes that are made of leather and lace. These can also be found at your local thrift store and will be a great bargain!
Lastly, find something to wear on top of your head. This can be an old-fashioned bonnet, which has short ties in the back so you can tie them if needed.
These pieces would make an authentic steampunk outfit!

Hats and other accessories

If you’re wearing a hat, the style of hat should be distinctive like a top hat, cap or tricorn. If you have long hair, tying it up in a bun is another way to dress the part. Additionally, hairspray can help add volume to your hair while preventing it from becoming wavy.
As for accessories, you can have a watch or other timepiece that looks like an old-fashioned watch and still has digital features. You could also wear goggles and goggles and headbands that match your outfit. For shoes, most steampunkers opt for boots with metal buckles on the front and back for added detail.
To complete your steampunk look, finish your outfit with some old-fashioned parasols—which are perfect for keeping out the sun.

Boots and shoes

Steampunk boots come in a variety of styles and colors, from military influences to more feminine styling. In terms of color, black is common for shoes and boots. For shoes, you may want to go with some colorful laces or bows around the ankle. For boots, you can choose between corset boots with buckles and those that are straighter.
For shoes, the most important part is finding a pair that feels comfortable. The classic style is platform-style shoes—these are usually preferable because they’re easy to walk in. Platforms should be made out of a sturdy material such as rubber or leather so they don’t tear easily during wear. You may also want to find matching laces or other embellishments that coordinate with your outfit as well as your shoe style.
For boots, you should look for something that fits well enough so that it doesn’t slip off when you walk (as it will over time). Steampunk boots typically have straps going up the back of the boot so it won’t fall off when you do so either!
Now let’s get on to the real fun stuff: accessories! Accessories can help bring out your personality and make your outfit stand out—but be careful not to overdo it! Make sure any accessories match your overall outfit theme—if you are wearing a Victorian-inspired outfit, wear steampunk goggles rather than sunglasses if that kind of thing helps you feel like


Whether you’re just playing around with the idea of steampunk for an upcoming cosplay or you’re going to be walking the red carpet, these guidelines will help you put together an amazing steampunk outfit for a memorable experience.

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