How To Make Steampunk Goggles Out Of Cardboard

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How To Make Steampunk Goggles Out Of Cardboard

Do you love the steampunk style? Do you also love playing games and watching movies that take place in a world of science fiction, fantasy and horror? If you do, then you’ll love the Steampunk genre.
Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction that is inspired by the era of steam engines. This means that it features steam-powered devices, technologies and even clothing designs from the Victorian era. Therefore, everything about this style is based on old technology blended with hints of magic and innovation of today.
Whether you are into card games or not, making your own cards can be an inexpensive fun activity for everyone. You don’t need any expensive card game to play with your friends; just grab some paper and a pen and start creating your own deck from scratch! If you want to learn how to make these steampunk goggles out of cardboard without spending money on supplies, then keep on reading this article.

How to Make Steampunk Goggles Out of Cardboard?

First, you need to find a cardboard box.
Next, take the card stock paper and cut two pieces of it that match the height and width of your goggles’ lenses. Make sure that they are about an inch bigger than the cardboard box.
After you have done this, fold each piece in half twice along the long crease and then put each one back so that they are now in their original shape.
Next, you will need to cut out two circles from each piece of cardstock paper; these sizes should be roughly equal to the diameter of your goggles’ lenses.
Lastly, use a ruler or measuring tape to make a perpendicular line on one side of both circles and then cut them out with scissors or a craft knife.
This is how you can make steampunk goggles out of cardboard!

Materials Needed

In order to make these goggles, you will need the following supplies:
White paint (optional)

Instructions to Make Steampunk Goggles

Out Of Cardboard
Supplies that you will need:
-Glue (hot glue gun or regular)
-Old paper
-Spray paint (if you want to paint them instead)
-Optional: Black marker and black felt tip pen
Step 1: Create the shapes. Using your pencil, create the basic shape of the goggles. Draw a rectangle and a circle on different pieces of cardboard. Cut out these shapes and use as templates for the other pieces of cardboard you’re going to cut out. If desired, draw on additional circles for the lenses and put them in place with hot glue or double stick tape. If using spray paint instead, this step can be skipped and just use black felt tip markers to draw on additional designs. Step 2: Glue it all together. Take one piece at a time and start gluing it onto your goggles from the back side so that it creates an edge all around the product. Use hot glue guns if you’re more comfortable with this technique or regular white glue if that’s more convenient for you. Step 3: Paint it! This is optional, but highly recommended if you want your goggles to look prettier! After all, they are called STEAMPUNK goggles right? Paint them with whatever colors you desire so long as it compliments your taste in steampunk style! One last thing about painting

Final Words

Steampunk is a unique genre that combines old-time science fiction and steam technology, which makes this subgenre one of the most interesting genres out there. You can make your own cards without spending a dime on supplies, but we recommend you buy some because it will be easier to do so than creating them from scratch. If you’re looking for some steampunk games to play with your friends, then check out our list of steampunk games:

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