Schedule and Program

Welcome to the virtual program, here you will find an up to the minute listing of events and a map of the event and surrounding area. This is just the beginning, more info will be added throughout the week

Program of events and times.


Friday 8/11

Opening party at Caf'e Nola in downtown Frederick with Nightwatch Paradox (there will be a small cover charge at the door)

Saturday 8/12

10 am - Vending opens

11 am - Writers forum

12 noon - Learn to Waltz with Lady De L'Etoile

1pm - Tea Dueling

2:00 pm - Makers forum

3:00 pm - RC deathmatch build with Tobias McCurry and Dave Lee

4:00 pm - RC DEATHMATCH!!!!!!

7:00 pm - Frenchy and the Punk with Eli August opening (ticketed event). Vending and Shenanigans open for basic admission until end of the concert and burlesque

9:30 pm - Honey Bee Burlesque

11pm-12mid - More Shenanigans will ensue


10 am - Vending opens for second awesome day

11am - expanding your cosplay/larp costume forum

12 noon - Scott Helland from Frenchy and the punk all acess concert.

2 pm - teapot/steampunk RC racing

3 pm - last minute buys from our awesome vendors and Shenanigans

5 pm - event closes




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